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Condo Insurance

from Anixter & Oser, Inc

San Francisco Bay Area Condo Insurance

If you own a condo in the San Francisco Bay area, you have different homeowners insurance needs than those who own a house or townhome. Anixter & Oser, Inc works with several condo owners in your neighborhood, and we have a condo insurance policy to meet your needs as well. Through our established network of insurance providers, we can shop for you to find great rates as well as coverage options that suit your specific circumstances.

Condo Insurance Coverage

Unlike insurance for a house or townhome, condo insurance doesn’t cover the building in which your condo is located. Unlike renters insurance, condo insurance does cover certain unique features of your unit such as custom flooring or cabinetry. In the simplest terms, condo insurance covers everything from the drywall in.

Your condo insurance needs may vary depending on the policies set forth by your condo association. The experienced insurance professionals at Anixter & Oser, Inc will help you understand the terms of your condo agreement and assist you in finding coverage that meets your coverage obligations.

Additional Coverage

In addition to insuring the interior of your home and your belongings there, condo insurance usually includes personal liability protection for you and any family living with you. This extends to injuries or property damage for which you are held responsible anywhere in the world, and it may also include legal defense.

Like other homeowners policies, most condo insurance policies come with medical payments in the event that a guest is injured in your home. You might consider this “slip and fall” insurance for your condo.

At Anixter & Oser, Inc, we understand that insurance can be confusing. Our experts are here to take the confusion out of the equation for you. Click here to request a quote for your condo, or call us today to speak with an insurance professional.